Empty the Shelter Day in Dallas: Community Collaboration Works

Over 2200 formerly homeless animals are waking up in a new home today because a community came together .

Yesterday, August 16, “Empty the Shelter Day,” was the largest pet adoption effort ever held in Dallas.

Over thirty North Texas Animal Shelters participated and waived their adoption fee to encourage adoption of adult dogs and cats , puppies, and kittens who were waiting for homes at animal shelters in the Dallas area.

Dogs are Waiting
Dogs are Waiting

Summer is a crowded time at shelters. New litters occur and people give up their animals when they leave for vacation. This influx stresses already crowded animal shelters.

When someone adopts from a shelter, it helps two animals . One dog or cat gets adopted and a new animal then gets a space to begin the journey to adoption.

The Empty the Shelter Day was a collaborative effort of over 30 Dallas area animal shelters, 2 local TV stations and was supported by animal advocates. Its proof that community collaboration makes us stronger than any of us can be alone.

Yesterday was a good day for Dallas animals. Today Dallas area shelters have many empty cages. But they will fill up soon.

They always do.



4 thoughts on “Empty the Shelter Day in Dallas: Community Collaboration Works

  1. Effective effort for communities to came together to adopt pets and offer their home for a new member. Pets always gives comfort and joy with the family. They deserve to be home and part of the family and the community. I learned something today that reaching out to the community to do something productive is good.

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