Mail Bag Monday: A Therapy Dog Answers Your Question: What’s That Dog Doing in The Library?”

Welcome to our weekly feature, the Daily Junior Mailbag Monday. 

A  therapy dog explains  it all.

photo credit: judge_mental via photopin cc
photo credit: judge_mental via photopin cc

We had such a great response to our recent post of our Question and Answer session with a therapy dog, we now deliver a weekly post in which one of our therapy dog staff answers a question we fetch from The Daily Junior mailbag.

Monday is a good day to do this since  our therapy dog staff is usually  still recovering from a  hectic weekend of heavy squirrel and possum surveillance by dozing  on their  backs with feet in the air. The mail bag delivery gets their attention.

We have included a contact form here so you can ask us any future  questions you would like to see us answer. (Reminder that The Daily Junior is always G rated.)


Question: I have heard about  dogs reading with children in  libraries and schools. Do you do that? Now really, what’s the deal? What is a dog doing in the library? Dogs can’t read!

Answer: From Junior, The Daily Junior Education  Editor

You know, I just love a follower who is a good fact-checker. Have a treat, while we talk.

Yes,  I read with children in schools and libraries. For more about my work, and about R.E.A.D. check out my blog posts ” A golden retriever walks into a  Library ..” and “Interview With a Therapy dog.”

R.E.A.D. Dogs are registered therapy dogs who sit and listen while children read.

It’s fun for both of us. And that makes a big difference.

Did you know that children who read with dogs make great strides in reading , communication  skills,and social skills?

Of course, I don’t actually read ,I listen attentively. A dog creates a non judgemental and welcoming environment. I am never in a hurry, so the kids  can read at their own pace. It’s a safe, comfortable environment and I never judge or criticize. I am a great listener and love a great story. I  like to close my eyes ,stretch out, belly-up and put all my legs in the air when it’s really a good story.

I am often asked if I have favorite books.

I love most stories. I am especially fond of books in which the dog outwits the cat. One challenge in my job is that I occasionally give away the end of the story.

I  wag my tail when I know the good guy is going to win .

Thanks for the question -Junior

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