This Little Piggy Doesn’t Stay Home: Meet Norman ,The Therapy Pig


Therapy animal work: it’s not just for dogs anymore. It’s a pig’s world.

Meet Norman, the Therapy Pig.

Norman and his human partner recently passed the qualifications to be a Pet Partners registered therapy animal . They are beginning a career of service bringing the power of pigs to people who need the comfort and cheer of a little ham.

Pigs are joining other animals in therapy animal work. They can be good at it. They are smart, friendly and trainable.

Dogs have been used as therapy animals for some time. Now pigs are becoming more common in Animal Assisted Therapy.

Pigs make good visitors. Therapy pigs usually wear a harness for visiting and a leash, undergo a performance and temperament evaluation and follow Pet Partners health and grooming standards. Both the pig and the handler are scored in the evaluation.

Norman belongs to the North Texas Therapy Animal group, A New Leash on Life. He attends team meetings with his therapy dog colleagues and the group gets along great .

Norman also attends community events and in an Ambassapig  for how helpful a pig can be and what pigs can do. When he is not working, Norman enjoys camping, rides a skateboard and munches Cheerios.

And he’s a great listener.

We wish Norman well in his therapy dog career and will regularly update our readers on his piggly career. Watch for our Pig News Special Edition coming soon.

I don’t know about you, but we here at The Daily Junior have gone hog wild over Norman.

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