Meet Jill and Junior

“When I was growing up, I wanted three things  beside me: a dog, a book and a journal. Now I have all three.”   -Jill



I tell dog stories.

I write about the human-animal connection, humane education, mental health and animal assisted therapy. A masters level registered nurse, Certified Professional in Health Care Quality and a Humane Education Specialist, my background in psychiatric nursing informs my writing about the benefits of animals on the mental health and well being of humans.
I am the author of a book on using performance data for health care improvement. My latest project is a new book about dogs and health care.
Meet Junior, my Golden Retriever and muse.



Meet my writing partner,Junior. He has four legs, a tail and a lot of opinions.Junior was rescued from a shelter at one year old and became a registered therapy dog. As a registered therapy dog team and a registered Reading Education Assistance Dog team, we visited schools, community centers, and other groups to provide the healing and comfort of a therapy dog. Both Jill and Junior recently retired .

The DailyJunior Blog is a celebration of the comfort, joy and healing of the human-animal bond.

Jill and Junior live in Texas and enjoy discussing philosophy, writing in their journal, reading Hemingway and Stephen King,swimming, yoga,  Jimmy Buffett , and peanut butter ,but not necessarily in that order.


10 thoughts on “Meet Jill and Junior

  1. Jill, Shannon here. Lupus runs on both sides of my family, and I am hopefully being tested for it very soon I am totally understand the “brain fog” and more debilitating, the fatigue!! (Along with a few other things we wont discuss in your comments section!)

    Love your writing style and am glad I stopped by.

    Welcome to blogville, my new blogging buddies!

  2. Hi Jill and Junior!

    Thanks for dropping by my page. Looks like you do some very interesting writing. Junior is a cutie!

    Take care,

  3. Thanks for visiting Electra’s little home in the blogosphere. Electra lives with 2 semi-retired Therapy dogs. It’s nice to meet you! I see that you are in Texas? What part?

  4. Hi Jill. Thanks for coming by my blog. Although we had our Cavaliers before my cancer diagnosis, they have truly taken on the role of therapy dogs! Edison seems to know what I’m going to do before I do, and Tesla has a way of forcing me to get up and play, even when I don’t feel like it. They’ve taught me a few things, too. Check out my “Letting it Go” post. Thanks, Jill, for the work you do, and for sharing Junior with us online.

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