About The Daily Junior

Writing about the human animal bond

Every human animal connection should create a kinder, more humane world for both.”

-Jill and Junior


Come with us to one of my favorite places, next to my dog Junior on the Galveston, Texas beach at sunset.

I snapped this photo of our special place one evening as Junior and I walked along the beach in Galveston just as the sun disappeared  into the soft night. Junior and I  often sit together on the front porch of the house in the photo.

We see the opportunity to create a kinder world . We see this in our own special bond and in examples of the healing nature the human animal bond we find  in our journey and in dog stories- stories of connection.

Junior and I bring out the best in each other. Together  we  see and appreciate the beauty of nature and the healing bond of precious people and animals who bring us daily joy and hope.

This blog is the story and celebration of that daily bond. It’s a collection of stories that show how the human animal bond can and should create a kinder, more humane and better world for both animals and humans.

I believe in the special connection between humans and animals in our shared world and in the importance of humane treatment of animals, humans and the environment.

The Daily Junior tells our story and  other stories of the human animal bond and animals’ healing impact on human mental and physical health and the collective health of our communities.

Junior and I are true partners. We wear many hats- literally , as you will see in our photos along the way. We are Humane Educators,  Dog-writers, BookHounds, Mental Health Advocates, Cub Fans , Philosophers, Seekers of Silly, Lovers of Peanut Butter, but not necessarily in that order.

So let’s talk about dogs, people the human animal bond,healing, and mental health . Let’s discover together how to create a more humane world through our interactions with our animal partners.

And go ahead, breathe in, smell the flowers, wiggle your toes in the Texas sand, and get ready to start a conversation with all that is The DailyJunior.

It’s our story, it’s your story, it’s a dog story, just about daily.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”
– Maya Angelou

Jill and Junior

The Daily Junior Staff
The Daily Junior and Staff
The Daily Junior Blog is the proud winner of the 2014 DWAA Maxwell Award
The Daily Junior Blog is the proud winner of the 2014 DWAA Maxwell Award



Proud Member Dog Writers of America Association
Proud Member Dog Writers of America Association
Proud to be a Member
Proud to be a Member


The Header Photo of the joined hand and dog paw that appears throughout The Daily Junior is credited to: Stella Dauer via photopincc

15 thoughts on “About The Daily Junior

  1. Aww this is a lovely about page! Thank you so kindly for stumbling across me in Blogging 201 – what a great venue! I am so looking forward to the exercises and watching us all grow. Thanks as well for your follow-ship – I really look forward to keeping up with you and your therapy dog stories – what a brilliant connection you have. Plus – you’re in Galveston? I was 4 years just a little ways north in Atascocita (Humble) near Houston… loved it. Nothing beats Texas hospitality… xx Mother Hen

  2. Thank you for sharing this on the “Pet Challenge.” I believe that human/animal connections can be very therapeutic and can enhance our lives in so many ways. 💖 Looking forward to your future posts 🐶

  3. Four-legged best friends are truly amazing. What a beautiful (and insightful) blog! Thank you for liking and following Jacques’ Dog Blog. We look forward to sharing our (mis)adventures with you!

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